Meat Cove is the most northern tip of Cape Breton island. It is surrounded by jagged cliffs, valleys of connected mountains where bald eagles soar above.

CAPE BRETON BALD EAGLEThe village is known for the spectacular views it provides for visitors from across the world, and also for The Meat Cove Campground and Ocean Side Chowder Hut.

The Meat Cove Campground opened in 1986 and is hosted by the MacLellan family. The campground provides people with spacious room for their tents, thirty unserviced campsites, newly built camp cabins, running water, hot showers, beautiful hiking trails mainly all with ocean view.

Kayaks can be rented to paddle along the coast.  Or you can just sit at your picnic table and watch the whales saunter past!

You can always cook on an open fire, or, come up and visit us at our Ocean Side Chowder Hut. Here you can find some of our main dishes such as our famous homemade seafood chowder, fresh halibut, salmon or our lobster and crab. You can also water these dishes down with a Nova Scotian beer or our local red or white wines.